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EuL phase of "32" ... part one.

# The odds of winning a roulette match in Istanbul are divided. on the pitch, Galata counts just 2 wins in 12 matches in Europe ... Benfica's momentum is on the rise and will hit it straight.

# Unbeaten at 9 last night at Eul Olympiacos qualify for 2 goal difference against AC Milan will be looking for a safety score in the face of a difficult rematch in Kiev ... fair underdog Dinamo K. has been suspended for 2 months.

# Rapid B. Passes 32, Ending 2η the group however has been given a formal game since 16 December ... more quality set Inter knows to get results will find a way to pinch the trio.

# Showed character in the Champions League, Club Bruges was in a difficult group, playing with the tradition of scoring extra-time without interruption and consistently ... 8-2-0 this year in Europe Salzburg comes back after a hard winter break.


Galatasaray - Benfica
Olympiacos - Dynamo K.
Rapid Wien - Inter