Lille scoring in Paris ... (TAMEIO - 6,70)


Good morning, dear friends. There are few opportunities today, as many games are in danger. Let's see what we have set out:

Lille has been the best start to the league for many years thanks to its stunning offensive line. Tonight she plays in Paris with the beast, but a little of Paris' defensive gaps and a bit of her mind, which will also be on Tuesday's game in Napoli, will likely give the visitors a chance to score.

Neither the material nor the history of Groningen is in the last place in the standings, after all, Eindhoven's last fight against Eindhoven. Today she travels to Rotterdam to play with Exselor, who is well on her way but will be deprived of her defense leader tonight. Groningen can definitely get something out of this match and get rid of the tail.

In Nacional, France, Laval leads and is very strong at home with 5 / 6 wins while rarely scoring goals there. It welcomes today's Dunkirk team which is penultimate and just made its first win in a 11 match against Drancy. The ace is in very high yield and will be preferred.


Paris SG - Lille
Excelsior - Groningen
Laval - Dunkerque

G / G