Scores are falling ... (FUND - 5,84)


On special occasions the PAOK - ARIS cup match raises libido and adrenaline vertically ... after 4,5 years the teams are back on the field.

Here's the highlights of Wednesday:

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# A few things newcomer Dijon at 3 most recently counts 2 defeats and 1 draw ... first in the final attempts in the category Lyon midfielder pops, passed by Marseille and Manchester City scorers.

# Udinese undefeated in 3 last move at limit ... worth double Lazio is in top condition comes from 4 consecutive three-pointers with over delivery (4 series wins).

# Basel defeat defeated Basel lost solemnly 7-1 by Jung Boise, surely there is a problem in the racing track expected to draw a reaction today ... classic underdog Lucerne scoring nonstop inside

# Positive start of the season Gladbach won 3 in the clear and is the favorite of the match ... there is fatigue in Eintracht F. playing alongside and European League (4 match in 10 days) difficult to get results.

# Home team Genoa fights Empoli and Bologna counts 4 / 5 over has scored in all games ... without winning the championship Kiev has reached the bottom of the table.

# In absolute deformity Valencia runs an 6 match without a win looking to find rhythm and press… the super aggressive Thelta line can easily hit the bam.


Basel - Lucerne
Gladbach - Eintracht Fr.
Genoa - Chievo



Dijon - Lyon
Udinese - Lazio
Valencia - Celta

goal / goal
goal / goal
goal / goal