They both score at Eboli ...


We continue midweek with vaccine racing in European leagues. To see what we stand out for today:

Vistabet: Everything is played here!

Milan was not bad with Atalanta but lost to 92΄ by winning. Today she is very likely to win in Eboli but she is certainly not going to get rid of her defenses easily. Goal / goal as she has done in all her games.

SPAL plays conservatively and has not yet conceded a goal at home but Sassuolo scores a run in and out and is not going to give it away. Our main bet is the goal / goal and maybe double the risk.

Everything that comes and goes for Zion with 7 / 7 overs and 5 defeats in 7 matches. Tonight welcomes Zurich who has shown some more serious squad but we expect another Rodeo match in Tourbillon.


SPAL - Sassuolo
Empoli - Milan
Zion - Zurich

G / G
G / G