Both are scoring in Sunderland…


Good morning. Let's look at the opportunities from today's program:

Brighton have made two consecutive wins showing very good figures. Wolves had a successful series of 6 races but landed shortly from Watford last Saturday. The hosts are strong at home, just beyond Tottenham, so I'll bet the wolves won't be able to win there.

In the Championship, Swansea showed a rebound with its victory after several of her absentees had returned the previous season. It hosts Reading which concedes 2 goals per game and will reasonably get the win. We will not risk the ace until Swansea show some stability, but we will go with the 2,5 goal as Reading has scored at 6 / 7 away and will contribute to making 3 goals easier.

Sunderland has had 3 series wins and looks very strong in the Stadium of Light, but welcomes Southend, which also has a good 5 series in its last 7 wins and 4 away games. Sunderland have conceded a goal in the 5 / 6 match at home and I can see another goal / chance.

Preston may be equal to Roderem, but the former is sharing four at Dipdale. Preston has found its footing without resolving its defensive issues but despite eating goals it has found a way to win, and is thus expected to beat problematic Rodriguez today.

Many goals are also expected at Hannover, both from the local team struggling to get out of the scoring queue and from Augsburg, who has consistently scored away - on its previous trip to 3 in Dortmund.


Brighton - Wolves
Swansea - Reading
Sunderland - Southend

G / G


Preston - Rotherham
Hannover - Augsburg

1 & O 2.5
O 3.5