Scottish Shower…


Hello my friends,

Wednesday and today again the Champions League, where we have another triad and hope not to… Scottish showers, but to have another day's winnings.

Bate Borisov-Helsinki is a very strange game, because both teams, despite being in the heart of summer, have a full racing action, as their championships are in progress. Bate is a more experienced team in the Champions League, having on its "back" several participations in the groups of the top inter-club competition, it also plays at home, Helsinki does not scare especially as a team and so I do not think that the Belarusians will have particular problems. .

Qarabag has historically been on a steady rise as a team for the past five years, having played in the Europa League, and last year also competed in the Champions League. The Kukesi on the other hand is a silly European team that in no way scares the Azeris, who I believe will have a comfortable afternoon in Albania.

A good team Rosenborg, much better than Celtic, are also competing at home, which means that they will have the advantage, since we are talking about a hot seat. Rosenborg remains a good Norwegian team, but it is in no way reminiscent of the past team, which entered the Champions League every year and claimed the knockout stage.


Bate Borisov - Helsinki
Kukesi - Qarabag
Celtic - Rosenborg