Sold out "Da Luz"


We have said that the League of Nations is a complex scoring situation that essentially eliminates international friendships - divided into groups and categories - before the EURO qualifying process. There is a related article on the Editorial homepage.

Portugal - Italy with 5% * premium, even better odds and countless special bets!

Let's go to today's options:

# Sold out the "Da Luz" of Lisbon, the teams are perfectly balanced with the set of odds ... first they are expected to play on the field.

# Amateur roster of Andorra pinched the draw with Latvia except it's difficult to play at this level ... clear favorite Kazakhstan is at zero points will play exclusively for the win.

# Given the quality of the Serbs they started with a win over Lithuania in the premiere they want to continue on their own tempo ... off the cards only Romania runs 5 match unbeaten in a formal and friendly one-way result.

# Under pressure Scotland unlikely to score for 4ο consecutive home game, being undefeated in the 6 last official count (4-2-0) will be looking for a goal from the locker room ... the third reason in the meeting the Albanians have marginally won Israel a chance to watch them.


Andorra - Kazakhstan
Serbia - Romania
Scotland - Albania

during 2,5


Portugal - Italy