Patsuka ... at 2,400m.


Let's go to Saturday's top picks:

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# 2 wins at 10 racing Legans score has no alternative ... clearly better at the defensive side Atletico M. has more solutions aggressively will find a way to score.

# In the green Atromitos is 2 points from the top scoring in the first year and consequently, certainly not an easy affair ... title track deletes PAOK - goes 16 series wins in class - maintains absolute championship wins in tradition and plays over and over.

# Train goes into the category; Palermo has a deep bench in the matter of time; his return to the championship in November will give the 3 / 4 races in front of its audience ... cozy home away, Cozensa never scores a whistle.

# Valuable in draws Valencia counts 9 unbeaten run in all competitions No win at 6 this year however favored by the times ... many absences from Girona are producing results.

# Nothing special this year's Grasshoppers easily concedes a goal while at 5 he has only celebrated 1 times ... a highly aggressive set Jung Bois is right in the penthouse of the rankings (+ 11b.) In the middle of the race.

# At 2,400 meters altitude, Patsuka's asos - chasing 8ad - play with increased verification chances ... Necks play chase is out of motivation.


Atromitos - PAOK
Palermo - Cosenza
Pachuca - Necaxa



Leganes - Atletico M.
Valencia - Girona
Grasshopper - Young Boys

goal / goal