Star system…

He doesn't say much in terms of voice, but his nightgown is bigger than that of the best singer in the country. Why is this "injustice" happening? Because that is what the people decide. The market, they say. On the occasion of a true story, from the past a conversation of a businessman of the night with the most commercial singer ever, Voskopoulos. "How much do you want, Toli for the winter, to close from now on?" The artist wondered: “You will tell me how much you give! Maybe if we agree to what I ask, you will give it to me, if I don't do well? ”

The shopkeeper pays the one who brings them in gold. So, how will the best singer get more when the professional does not fill the center and the florists do not take into account with him. The numbers in football transfers are going crazy. "But is this player worth that much?" Stupid question. Naive question. And it is unrealistic to compare the value of a footballer with another, based on the cost of moving from one team to another.

Neymar went from Barca to Paris with 220 millions. That's what Chelsea is asking Real for Azar. We lose the ball if we look for which of the two is better. More precious. The Brazilian or the Belgian. Elsewhere there is scab. The revenue goes up in the Crème de la Crème clubs, not the football value of the players. They are not expensive because they are gamblers. I'm a sucker gambler if I keep in mind that this team has a more expensive roster than its opponent .. Another one, the other. Don't confuse them.

The numbers in today's crazy transcriptions, as they impressed 15 and 35 years ago, are ... logical. Business correctly. The football industry is giving and taking action. Scores high profits. Especially in teams that usually claim the champions league or are placed in the semi-finals and quarter-finals, the revenue goes up year after year. There are packages for over 100 cm in Coutinho, Dembele and 180 in Bape.

Competition and hunting by those groups that are able to invest in expensive transcriptions raises the bar to zero. And it plays the star system, they say. Of course. They pay not only the football player but also his star. How much it shines, how much it pulls its name.

The champions league we know will change, as it has changed several times over the last 60 years. Let's move on. For European Cup with only the most commercial teams involved. Not in the same bag Real, Barca, Bayern, Chelsea, Juve Paris with the leagues, champions Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium. Therefore!

The higher the project turnover, the more money will be raised on the players' contracts. Time to make transfers with amounts approaching billion.