Stable value …


Cloudy today's landscape is not about to mess up ... let's go to Wednesday's top picks:

# Fixed value this year's Lecce paid us a few times the same will do today, is near the direct rise counts 10 match unbeaten within runs 5 consecutive three-point with 15-3 coefficient… tight X in x downgrade will fight for the result.

# SPAL has not been secured yet however it is difficult to report the heavy defeat at Olympico by 4-1 ... in any case it is worth it Lazio's double went strong in the second round and he got the Inter derby from positive performances.

# Unaware of the risk, Venlo has the background to score the goal, press 33b. saved… one more quality click in the final effort Utrecht has motivation and timing.

# 16 unbeaten match at all competitions Valencia (9-7-0) properly matched the performance set of 4η place on the table ... 2 win series with Zidane on the bench Real moves in the shadow of Atletico M. plays inside out for three. Goal first in either side.


Lecce - Cosenza
SPAL - Lazio
Valencia - Real M.

goal / goal