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The Gracenote company specializes in forecasting and has raced to make the World Cup. Using specific software and calculating it, taking into account all the data that could affect the performance of each country on the Russian stadiums, he reached his own conclusions and clearly shared the chances for each stage of the event. So let's see what this company thinks will happen ... According to "Gracenote", there is a clear favorite and indeed a long distance from his two pursuers. Brazil, which has had just four defeats overall and only one from 2016 since the previous World Cup, is taking the impressive 21% title lead. Spain is behind Xelasso with 10% and just below Germany with 8%, which is also given in Argentina.

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Curious is what follows France's 6%. And if Colombia has its superstars, Peru with its 5% is definitely an impression. Yes, Peru is above 4% England, Portugal, Belgium. At the bottom of the list with zero chances are South Korea, Nigeria, Panama, Egypt, Japan and Saudi Arabia, as the worst in the tournament.

One of the most striking predictions, however, comes along with the absolute odds of seeing a new presence in this final in the World, someone who has never been a finalist for 1970 again. Since then the seven countries themselves have played in the finals. Italy and the Netherlands are now absent. Therefore, they reside in Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain and France. To have an opponent who is not in this group of winners, the forecast gives 47%.

More generally, however, as Gracenote explains in its map, it will be extremely difficult for any country outside Europe and Latin America to pass even the group stage. And now it is up to the rest to make a disclaimer on the pitch. Because forecasts are about to break ...

They haven't even closed their 20 years and will give this present to Mundial.

Kilian Bape (France)

Not only is he not yet 20 years old, but he is very likely to become one of France's protagonists at Mundial. Paris striker, after all, cost 180 million! Perhaps the greatest talent in the world, Bape can do anything. To create, to score, to lead. Fast-paced, with stunning technique and performances from the highest level, the young striker comes from an excellent season in which he scored a total of 23 goals. In March of 2017 he had become the youngest player to play for France for 60 years.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (England)

It proved to be one of Liverpool's revelations on the road to the Champions League final. The young Englishman was in Clopper's eleven because of injuries to the others and was getting better in every game. To the point of nominating for the English eleven in Russia! And failing to do so, however, it is certain that it will offer high competition to Trippier. He is humble, he works hard, he has good shooting and he does not stop shooting. They were one of the few players in the Premier League this year to make it difficult for Zaha. The story of Klop telling him at the halfway point of the fight with Crystal Palace being promoted and forcing Zach to chase him has passed to the legendary realm.

Ashraf Hakimi (Morocco)

Real's lack of defense during the season led Zidane to decide to give Hakim a chance to make his debut. It impressed him so much that he gave this Real Madrid squad more times than he would have expected. He can play either in the center of defense or at the right end and persuaded his federal technician to call him to the final 23ada of Morocco. The competition, of course, will be great, but it is not at all unlikely to see him on Russian stadiums.

Musa Vagée (Senegal)

The young defender plays in Belgium with the Open Jersey. Another right-handed player who could see his team finish in the penultimate position of the league, but he showed evidence that could lead him higher. Not considered a major player in Senegal, but he has already written history, as no player in the past had been called to Mundial.

Francis Uzoho (Nigeria)

19-year-old is the youngest foreign goalkeeper to play in Spain with Deportivo La Coruna jersey and hopes to be the one to defend his home country at Mundial. When he started playing football he had a dream of becoming an attacker, but eventually his position was among the beams. 2016 was found in Coruña and has been on the upward path ever since. In October, he made his Spanish debut, playing in an Argentinean friendly for his home country, making a great impression. "I'm not going to be afraid to put him in the starting eleven at our premiere at Mundial," Nigerian technician Ror revealed.

Daniel Arzani (Australia)

Arzani is the youngest player to receive the call for Russia's Mundial. When the event starts it will only be 19 years, 5 months and 10 days. Born in Iran, he was called up with just one engagement with Australia and made his Melbourne debut just last January! His rise in just a few months is impressive, with the young extremist second on the list of players who created the most opportunities in the home league this year.