The raw karagiosi ...

Olympiacos, defeats, customers, country, sound, foam, hens, strings, yuza, bowling, marching, slogans, maps and bottles, Spanouli your mom, your wife, dying, Mitsubishi your bones, ragged basil, bugger brawlers, rebounding champions, baron of coca, silhouette of greek sport, troumba colada, to break up not on the map, soccer destroyers, young caliphate, ivan usier, ivan , arbitration, rebel, sold, out, Wolf Aries, Turks, Worms, Hamsters, you sold Macedonia for a championship. Oops. Done and go get it otherwise.

You are a gentleman. Severe poor chainsaws in the sun, often unobtrusive and largely illiterate, inactive predators, or unemployed just underemployed, caregivers, pests of society ready to be whisked away for a moment or once calculable. Have a say and see you, don't be invisible even at 11 at noon.

Greece, the country that once gave birth to ideas, state, history, letters, arts, CITIZENS. Selling a fairy tale now, so to speak, I am okay, I am okay, we are talking and laughing, karagozziliki and demekiliki, PRIVATE.

In a few days the whole of Europe has elections. It is also available in Greece. And not one, but three election fights. The Greek will be a member of the European Parliament, municipalities and regions. The naughty asshole who has no idea what is at stake, but will vote. The offspring of the people who invented democracy and would now ostracize the 50-80% of the electorate. Do you know what estrangement will say? Tobulo. From here and there, everyone else. This. And of course losing the right to vote. That would be the 50-80% of the current electorate if 3000 lived years ago. Clear things.

And we are silent, not because I, you, the other disagrees with what the other person is voting for. No, we are not going to make even the neo-Nazis, the fascists, the leftists or the neoliberal and center-right socialists go astray. No. The Führer of the Greek neo-Nazi wing is 100% tolerant of me as a citizen. I disagree with him, maybe to death. But I respect that he deliberately supports this idea. But can a refugee support her? Well, it's an anomaly.

My leftist Rubikon is equally tolerant and let me disagree a little, very little at all with his practice. It is a practical expression of conscious opposition to the system, however, and once it knows what it is doing and doing, accepting its consequences, its a jerk. So too did the neophile, the socialist, the Syrian or the pasco and the neo-democrat. Suffice it to know.

But where you see a fan of powerlifting having a political outlook and wanting to vote for 'A' or 'B' because "come on baby what will it all be like," you want to get a baseball bat and not break the head, do the other thing. We left.

We also have elections in Greece. In the country of oppression. There is no sports fan in Greece anymore. Only followers. Mostly "blind" even. In his paparazzi the other, if the party that his dad voted for or that the world has taught him belongs to, no longer represents him in the least. No, it doesn't change the vote. Chick, duck and group and party do not borrow, do not change He is a Greek fan. Don't blame the teammate and the party. There it will erupt and end. You are the enemy, not the one who exploits him to build a party or collective fan army. You are the convenient enemy. His reflection in the mirror. The opposite shit. And good volley.