Standing parrots…

What will a sold-out journalist say? The one who gets them will say. Brackets in place. Today, and without the slightest doubt, there is much more established journalism on the plate than ever before. That means one thing. Society, part of which is journalism, has progressed to a greater degree.

So a peddler is a professional oil journalist. He does "wills" and gets paid. Many years ago, in the face of a sports editor, I found another category of sold-out journalists who did not catch them. I'm talking about "accusation", because in fact a cart of journalists writes them every day as the president of the group, the party, wants. Are they sold?

It doesn't matter if the report or comment has no ... invoice. The point is that objectivity is absent intentionally. And if the journalist doesn't do ... free PR in the chair, he's sold to the followers of the group, the party. He writes them the way the asshole wants to hear them. The sucker.

So is. Malach is the typewriter, radio or internet commentator who batch acts disrespectfully on the function and does it. It does not matter if it does not pocket the pockets. Tsuκιeki stays with the administration or platform when making their headlines.

The finale. It is not legal for the fan, the fanatic, the one who gets sick with his team, and this problem of his own, to make the prosecution of media professionals, when they are not paid murderers.