At last ...


The two best teams on the field for tonight's big final, without favorites and outsiders, will all be judged in detail.

*** "Luzniki" (81.000) Moscow.

*** Referee: Nestor Pitana (Argentina). Also beat France - Uruguay 2-0 and Croatia - Denmark 1-1 (4-3 in penalty shootout).

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# One Click More Relaxed France Had 24 Hours Of Extra Rest Has The Best Axis In The Tournament Counts Once 1 Defeat In 18 Matches While Giving Present For 2η repeatedly in the finale of a big event ... Croatia wrote history just reached the final purely martial ensemble has played three extensions (4 match) there is the fatigue factor. Key players MIBAPE - GRIEZMAN and RAKITIC - MONDRICH The fate of the match depends on their performance.

Here are the main choices:

# Thin Balances at Sundsvall - Aik wrongly costing the set, changed after stoppage time, have the background to score a one-time minimum in the match.

# The plate favorite is Atlanta (2 wins in 5 races) with ups and downs in its performance lineup moving on the same straight as Seattle… on the field.

# Over status pair Los Angeles - Portland baseball recent image is expected to be judged marginally and in goals ... both are going through a period of excellent form coming from demarages positive results from the locker room.


France - Croatia



Sundsvall GIF - AIK
Atlanta U. - Seattle
Los Angeles - Portland

goal / goal
over 2,5
over 2,5