On the empty "Wembley"…

Usually at such a time, at the beginning of August, the English Championship begins, along with the other categories below it. However, in the year of the coronavirus, in 2020, the 4th day of the eighth month of the year marks the end of a season that lasted longer than any other.

Brentford and Fulham are expected to face each other on Tuesday, at 21:45 in the empty "Wembley", with the winner following Leeds and West Brom in the Premier League halls. If the "bees" succeed, they will be in the top category for the first time after 73 years and first… generally since paying Premier.

For the "cottagers" on the other hand, a possible rise will mean an immediate return, a year or so after the demotion.
Of course, in addition to the glamor of participating in the championship of the top, there is also the financial in the middle. For years now, the Championship play-off final has been hailed as a golden match, with Brentford expected to win 160 135 million in the event of success and Fulham, XNUMX!
In fact, it is estimated that if the team that will move up stays in the Premier for the next five years, the total revenue will reach 265 million.

Given the damage done to clubs by the coronavirus and the fact that people are expected to return to the stadiums in a long time from now, one realizes that the team that will prevail on the "Wembley" grass will have many more reasons to celebrate… Millions of reasons!

Fun fact: If Brentford fails to get a ticket to the Premier League, it will become the most failed team in the history of the English playoffs. The "bees" have participated in similar processes eight times and have never managed to survive, with Sheffield United having the same number. So if Fulham go up, Brentford will write nine…

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