In the grass of "Da Luz"

Tonight in the grass of "Da Luz", but also in Tuba in a week, will be played from 30 to 47 million! Not at all burdensome amounts to overcome so easily and simply stay in the glory of victory ...

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The Lisbon sports newspaper, which for decades has traditionally supported Benfica's team (something like the "Sports of the North" for PAOK, once ...), was released today with a key theme, the other, the Da Luz fight. and the title "Gold Fever"!

Benfica as a huge football player, a big world-class club, as Fernando Varela has admitted, leaves nothing to chance, knowing that he must play both games against PAOK for this team to get this qualifying ticket to the gold in the Champions League.

Last year's failure of the Eagles in all competitions cannot go unnoticed. Benfica's management, despite a highly failed year, where the championship ended in Oporto and in the hands of Sergio Concepcio, decided to keep Rui Vittoria and most of the team at the core.

But most of all, as he is said and whispered at the Lisbon football hangouts, he worked in summer "at all levels" to get back to the top. Neither is the coincidence that the slogan they support throughout this season and launch on social media is its Reconquista!

Reconquista, that is, recapture, was called the process of conquering the Muslim lands of the Iberian peninsula from the Christian kingdoms of the north and largely characterized Portuguese history.

Let's return to the cover of… Portuguese “Sports of the North”.

"The Eagles are at the door of the millions and the group phase. The qualification is missing, "A Bola writes on its front page, with the amount of 47 million that the Eagles will put up in the event of joining the clubs to be a significant and remarkable number which in any way should to get into her cashier.

For that reason alone, the "black and white" did not fly out of their skulls when they learned of Serb Milorad Mazic's definition of tonight's match. One of the best, not to mention whistleblowers in Europe, but also one of UEFA's most "good guys". In modern times everything plays its part. From a cover page to a referee's appointment ...

Tonight's game is especially important for PAOK. In addition to the strong motivation to finally join the Champions League, there is also the lure of almost 30 million, which will put in his cash box if he manages to make the dream come true and throw the mighty Benfica out of the box.