In the Rise Group ...


Regularly on Friday traffic:

Werder Bremen - Wolfsburg with refund *, countless markets, super returns.

# 5 racing without a win inside Utrecht is not about as low, it has more quality router in a winning momentum… 6η a series of defeats at all competitions Brenda, of which at 3 last has not even scored.

# 29 unbeaten match in Le Havre counts 2 wins at 3 most recently wins marginally and in goal ... 6 matchless win Bezier has scored at 2 of them.

# In the climbing group, Lorianne is superior to all lines on the field with 2η best defense in the league .. Nancy dropped 4 outings (3 defeats 1 victory) Has managed just the goal of the price.

# Dry cleaner Wender W. - Wolfsburg can sit anywhere, both started the season loudly scoring at a decent tempo, base image will play at a high goal rate.

# Time after time Verona's return to the caboose right up to the penthouse table has a plethora of attack ... just as dangerous in the counterattack Lecce scores in the 5 / 6 last.


Utrecht - Breda
Le Havre - Beziers
Lorient - Nancy



Werder Br. - Wolfsburg
Verona - Lecce

over 2,5
TG 2-3