Remains ... until younger.

Manchester's great crisis is also a key creation of Ed Woodward who has more responsibility than Mourinho. Having played an important and leading role in United's organizational chart, its chief executive has key responsibilities in the area of ​​roster training. Woodward is in a difficult position, as he is ... charged to leave the team naked. Bai and Lindelov are Portuguese choices, he knows he made mistakes, so he asked for reinforcement. However, Woodward's attitude was ... tragic, you can't tell the coach that because you don't ... his choices are not made and you do not approve of them, then you will not make transfers. This deal can be paid by the United since Mourinho will not give up! His new contract was made in January and Special One will sit on it, as he has done in all his previous jobs.

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A ... nice atmosphere at Old Trafford! Jose Mourinho's relationship with several players in the red, the Portuguese has stopped shielding, while Pogba and his manager are pushing for transfer. The veterans of the squad are "crushing" them all, while the fans demand that Mourinho be fired! The appearance against Brighton was unacceptable, but what was most disturbing was the lack of plan and passion. United only made a move in the second half, instead of pushing hard and ending their opponent. The defensive duo drew most of the negative comments and many put up with Mourinho not protecting Bayi-Lindelov. Agreed, the Portuguese has ... a special share in the fake image, but is he solely responsible for everything that happens?

Even if he does not believe in the profile of the additions he proposes or chooses, the technician should have the appropriate plan to propose alternatives and support the coach with what he or she is asking for in pursuit of goals. Everyone knows Mourinho's habits, but it was Woodward who insisted on his acquisition and the new contract. The Portuguese asks for specific things, wants a given type of player and does not back down. But…

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As Garry Neville put it very aptly on Sky Sports, "From the time Woodward extended Mourinho's contract he had to buy several players and not just a stopper." Failure to do so means a lack of trust and confidence in the face of the coach, so the move to extend the contract was unobtrusive. The result is a… outstanding coach who understands and feels that he has no support. True, no one was convinced by the administration's informal support on Monday night.

United is looking for a technical director, but is it too late? Mourinho is apparently also being charged that his team lacked the appropriate psychology and morality to lose to Brighton. It was an example of how good players can look ... inadequate. Everyone on the Island wondered why there is no athletic director? This has not happened in the past. Sir Alex Ferguson and former head coach David Jill had their fights, but they always managed to find solutions.

"My weakness is that I cannot understand people with a different mentality and approach than I have. It is very difficult for me to understand the difference or accept it, ”Mourinho said. The pressure is therefore increasing on the Portuguese but now Woodward is also responsible.