In the penthouse of the painting…


5/6 wrote the counter with performance (4.71)…we proceed below we go to the fresh:

# Aris is fresh 3 turns before the regular season, the three-pointer is imposed, the derby with PAOK in Toumba is on the cover… in the process of adjustment Atromitos (1 victory in 9 games) has run out of motivation doing chores on the field.

# Lucerne will look for the goal of honor τι 11-2-0 in all competitions, Young Boys won a title in Switzerland, "pinched" the qualification to the "16" of the Europa League, he is not climbing anywhere.

# It is not accidentally located in the penthouse of the painting Lille was left out of the EuL was eliminated by Ajax midweek necessarily throws the weight in the league… open book the defense of Strasbourg concedes the goal systematically.

# Deforme Marseille counts only 1 victory in 9 league matches has absences in all lines… at -3 from the top Lyon (7/8 wins away) clearly has the first say in the match, the tradition also advocates.

# Roma is on a good moon (3-1-0) "passed" easily to the "16" of the EuL remains in the top 4 of the table scores at a good pace… heavy jersey Milan makes a super season playing on all boards.

# At a critical point, Nacional loses 2 goals in and out, it will be difficult for them to react… a place in the Champions League, Braga is chasing, it is running undefeated for 6 games, it can easily double.


Aris -Atromitos
Lille - Strasbourg
Nacional - Braga



Luzern - Young Boys
Marseille - Lyon
Rome - Milan

goal / goal