Too much…

You open your eyes, you make coffee and you open the press to read what is playing in the extreme. Sporting too much, of course, is not a time for mournful and heavy readings at breakfast time. The title, from the words of 100 alone, is not a photo: "They met and talked about restructuring" and photos Grameno and Vasiliadis. This.

Beware, the text is written today, 15 March. Not in July. Because in July it would be news of the plaque and you would pass it. Other 15 March? Did the bosses of the championships meet for restructuring classes and defining rules? The EPO president and the minister of sport? Well done guys. Hi!

It has never happened before that football players in Greece meet so early, and even arrange these basics for playing championships. They usually do this at the last minute after the start of the October and November tournaments. And the dunia holds them. Because it is senseless to have started the 2-3 months in the league and still have a restructuring mind in mind and have not figured out what will happen. It is up to the responsible institutions to determine who falls, who goes up in each category, how, by what process. What's up, bro!

But Vassiliadis and Grammen are no kittens. What October and November did the Granacas and the Gagacsides and the Pilavians organize? What a July that made the crap other seasons. No, these are Greek amateurs and do not fit the modernists of Greek football. That goes well beyond the English in organizing and arranging March for what will apply to football and our classes. We put glasses on the phlegmatic English we say!

Of course you live in Greece, mistakes cannot, of course, be avoided. No. Not even in such news that reveals a clear change of attitude from the Greek staff, which makes you happy to be a human being. And where you enjoy this news, your author loses his mind by quoting the wrong date. They met, says careless sports journalist Vasiliadis with Gramen to arrange and agree what will happen with the restructuring of the 2018-19 championships!

Ah, find a careless author, these championships are, go, gone! They will talk about the next ones of course! Is it possible, my lad, to discuss current championships? Not sure what applies, who goes up, who drops 4-5 racing before their finale? It is clear that this is a mistake and they have been talking about time since so early. Couldn't talk about this year! These are not even happening in Greece!

Or maybe not;…