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Asian bet

Her favorite Barcelona is not justified. He has a very mediocre game image this year to offer a clear favorite to Real. Especially when Messi is in mediocre condition and has to score 5 games. If he did not have the problems in the center of the defense Real the ace would be worth it too. As is the case in reporting, the match is seemingly adequately covered in 1X (Asian +0,5 in particular) for 1,65.

Η Finn Harps has started the season well in Ireland and is going undefeated in the standings. THE Waterford is not the highest obstacle for Horgan's promoted team. The ace first choice at 1,93.

Only Bayern has managed to beat her Stuttgart in the last month. Mataracho's team, which has Silas, is in a very good competitive situation. Kalajic in uniform to score 24 of her 48 goals and lead her to Europe! THE Dortmund has to play the match of the year with City in a few 24 hours and this may disorient her. At 1,93 the double chance of the headquarters!


Finn Harps - Waterford
Real Madrid - Barcelona
Stuttgart - Dortmund