heavyweight striker… (CASH - 4,59)


World Cup ... Group phase:

# Clear qualifying favorite Belgium runs 19 matches undefeated has not lost in the last 9 in World Cup groups, heavyweight striker Lukakou scored two goals in the premiere will do the same today… behind the ball Tunisia has no funds to getting ready to board the return plane.

# Against tradition and predictions South Korea will fight it to a point περ super the atmosphere in the locker rooms of Mexico showed excellent handwriting samples hit at the right time in the counterattacks last year psychological victory against the Germans is with one foot in the next phase.

# The performance of the German ace in the press players and coaching team after the shock defeat suffered in the premiere has issues to solve… well-paid outsider Sweden is in a position of power left out of the World Cup the Netherlands and Italy can comfortably rip.

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Belgium - Tunisia
South Korea - Mexico
Germany - Sweden

goal / goal