Super Coppa…


Galatasaray, Seville and Sporting Lisbon the main choices in cup matches.

Let's go to the basic bet:

Juventus - AC Milan *, countless markets and super odds on

# Juventus - AC Milan (Super Cup final in Jeddah) Both teams will go into the open court and whatever they want to do, in the event of a tie extension and a penalty ... first-half goals.

# 4 Points Above Zone Toulouse Based On Recent Image Hard To Go Over ... No Lets Goal Lyon Builds Tradition On This Stage Chasing Champions League (4 Series Win 0-10 Series).

# Agent in 10 last in St. Etienne being in good standing comes from 3 consecutive wins climbed to 4η table position ... well holds Marseille's shoe has touched the 8 matches without a win at all competitions missing midfield.


Juventus - AC Milan
Toulouse - Lyon
Saint-Etienne - Marseille

goal / goal