Super Cup…

Tonight in Frankfurt, Frank Lubbard will battle with Jurgen Klopp, a few days after his "battle" in which he suffered a major defeat against Ole Gunnar Solskier.

The European champions, with Liverpool and Chelsea claiming this year's Super Cup. History is being written as Stephanie Frapar will lead the match after UEFA's decision to appoint a female referee! Cante is doubtful for the "blues", they scared Keita in the "reds"…

The London Blues traveled to Constantinople with Frank Labard making it clear he wants the trophy too early in his Chelsea coaching career, stressing that he has complete confidence in young footballers who can play young footballers. counts on Kant.

The French midfielder, although he trained on Tuesday, is facing a small injury problem from the time he played last Sunday at "Old Trafford" and for that he is considered unprepared.

In Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool, Nabi Keita left the last training session after informing the team doctor about the discomfort, although he did not limp at all, however, he seemed to be worried about the pain that was coming to him. "I have to rest… seven years, I feel mentally tired but I am ready for the new season" said Santio Mane at the press conference…

Stephanie Frapar will write a story as she will whip the match in an unprecedented decision by UEFA, with Cloppe declaring: "We will try not to make the match more difficult than it is and I will try to show my best in the referees' team, otherwise my mom will get upset"!

Liverpool (4-3-3): Adrian, Matip, Van Dyk, Alexander - Arnold, Robertson, Milner, Henderson, Vainaldum, Salah, Fermino, Mane

Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Kepa, Athlete, Zuma, Christensen, Alonso, Kavasic, Zorzinio, Pedro, Barclay, Mount Ziru