Super League 1

The championship has started. So said the old series of football, at the very moment when the draw determined the order of games of all teams. As happened yesterday for the 2019-20 championship. With the program in hand, the wicked made their commands for their team, and in the domestic championship, the wicked had the floor, only the wicked. Knowing when and which opponent they will face. And where and when the opponent will probably stumble on the alpha or the second field. So they got a "job" right after the draw. How they will manage to "help" their own team and how the opponent will be forced in that or the other field. Because, in fact, they play a lot of "details" that affect the result of a match one way or another.

Today, without anything having changed in substance, it is a common belief that there is no draw good and bad, favorable and unlucky. All teams will play with all teams and it does not matter if they will face this or that opponent, first at home and not away from home, in September or December.

The preparation is now done scientifically, the coach has a staff of experts next to him, the professional football player pays attention to his… night life and feeds on… supplements. The team, therefore, must be on the verge of being ready from the first minute to the last throughout the marathon and to exclude any possibility of making a "belly" competitive at some stage of the championship.

For the first time a championship with 14 teams, but always with the well-known… marked ones capable of lifting the cup. Last year, three favorites started, AEK, Olympiakos and PAOK. Early enough the champion AEK ran out of tire and Olympiakos had fuel until the middle of the second round. Next season, AEK is not considered capable of being named a favorite and PAOK and Olympiakos are legalized to claim the title.

Really, why is there a championship in Greece? Certainly not for a team to get. Nor to be celebrated by the fans of the alpha team and to upset others. The champion has no value if the championship is a swab, If the referees shape the results. If the PAE bosses talk about setups and gangs. If hooligans play their own game. If the government is indifferent to the economic indicators in the football industry and treats the championship… religiously, fanatically, ideologically, at the measures of the fanatics. If the media more than ever serves the divisive and explosive atmosphere in the league but rivalry of Indians and cowboys.

Who is serious about the draw that took place yesterday, when foreign referees are brought to Greece and competitions are played on empty stadiums. Either because people aren't going, or because they are banned from fear of incidents.