Super Derby in Scotland ...


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Great games tonight in England and Scotland, where Celtic and Rangers will clash in the big Scottish football derby. Burnley also welcomes Manchester United, with Jose Mourinho, in a very difficult position, with his chair shaking dangerously.

The big derby between Celtic and Rangers stands out on the British Isles. The two teams have a long history of fighting each other, and are considered one of the biggest derby in the world. Celtic play at home and certainly have the advantage in this game as well as having a better team than its 'eternal' rival.

He wants Arsenal, where he travels to Wales, to take on Cardiff in a difficult game for the Gunners. Cardiff has not started the league well, having two draws and one defeat in their first three games. On the other hand, Arsenal, with West Ham, seemed to find its footing and with the weight of its jersey, I believe it will be able to get the win.

Manchester United go to Burnley, at a key game, to follow Jose Mourinho on the bench. The Portuguese plays with the knife to the neck, while the hosts want the win to get a little psychologically, after being excluded, from the Olympics in the Europa League. Personally the guests do not think they will leave the winners, from Burnley headquarters.


Celtic - Rangers
Cardiff - Arsenal
Burnley - Man. United