Super team spirit…

"One thing is for sure, a Mundial without me is not worth seeing." Zlatan's words as the last attempt to be in Russia, seem funny a few hours after we reached "8". And especially for Sweden, which without him has proved to be the definition of the whole in this year's tournament, a few months after leaving Italy out for the first time in 60 years and taking some of the 'grace' in the way he defends. In the end, Jan Andersen insisted on his position, left the super-star out and is justified as long as he does not go.

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When Ibrahimovic decided that he could not do anything great with these teammates and also the then coach, Eric Hamren, left, things went differently. Sweden was no longer 'all for one' but 'one for all' and this is something you could see with the naked eye from the groups. After leaving behind the Netherlands in the qualifiers with which it was in the same group, then it made the huge surprise by eliminating Italy in the play-offs. Not that Gianpiero Ventura did anything terrible in that pair of games but if you had seen the matches you could say that not 180, but 380 minutes if they played, the Azzurri would not have scored.

In the group things did not betray a surprise team that comes to fuck them all, but when a set is so solid you have to be afraid of it. The marginal victory with Korea (1-0) went very well and the defeat that came in 97 ′ from Germany made more of an impression. In the 'final' of the group against Mexico, Andersen's goals were imposed (3-0) and essentially took the place of Mannschaft in the knock-outs.

It may not be difficult for many people's eyes, but Sweden has proven at least how difficult it is. In a tournament where every small National team that played close has caused problems, the Scandinavians make it clear they will not accept a cheap goal and end up bombarded with a yummy all their lives. With stunning teamwork, regular discipline, stability and bodies that you can't easily throw down, the Swedes are on the "8" and have a vigor and bodies that the English know they can't easily throw down.

Like most teams that have managed to reach the quarter-finals, Sweden has taken possession of the opponent, is nervously organized backwards, and as Emil Forsberg climbs up, his hopes soar. With his own goal the Leipzig midfielder granted 8 the qualification of 1994 in his home country, which will overtake the Netherlands on Saturday (07 / 07) and become the 2th without Mundial title having more games in the [51] after Mexico [57].

One of the same ones from England, Croatia, Russia will be in the final of Moscow and if we say to the Englishmen that it is the heaviest jersey, because they have the title, then we have to say that the Swedes in super team and fighting spirit, have their chances. As Jane Anderson has noted for herself and the grimace she makes, so her team may not be like Swedes, but at least she's not home yet. "I don't feel proud to see my pictures and look like a monster, but it would be worse if I were dead."