Fate brought it that way and Boca and River will face each other in the Copa Libertadores finals in the most Superclasico of all time. From the day the final couple became known, the country started to wander. And this is because these two finalists do not judge a simple title (after all, both clubs have won everything), but they will write history. After these two matches nothing will be the same for the fans of both teams, as the winner will be eternally lost and the loser will be in the tartar.

Boca-River with 0% rake ** and 170 + markets

The ultimate idol of Boca, Juan Roman Riquelme, had described it… "as the most beautiful match in the world", a match hosted by Diego Maradona, Enzo Francescoli, Carlos Tevez, Omar Sivori, Gabriel Egano Batuτούo, Katillo , Pablo Aymar, are some of the great stars who have fought either with the "foreigners" or the "millionaire" writing their own story.

Millions of people will be looking at Bonbonera while all the media in the world will be taking a look at the legendary Boca stadium. It is noteworthy that the number of applications for journalistic accreditation exceeded 2.500 (!), While Bonbonera can host up to 258 accredited journalists.

But the world is getting along, and it's typical of the burning of the house a few days ago when two friends but fanatically 'enemies' came to terms with their Boca-River dispute over forcing the other's home country, and formerly Boca Juniors leader Maurizio Macri, to call for restraint and calm on all sides, while the two teams' administrations have agreed that there will be no home fans in the two matches.

In the race, Guillermo Barros Seloto has already decided for the 11 to line up with Thebes, Zarate and Benedetto all staying on the bench with Avila being the spearhead in the 4-1-4-1 system Peres and Nantes, as well as the new big star of the team, Christian Pavon, to be the big weapons of the home side.

On the opposite bank, the best coach in Latin America at the moment, Mardelio Gayardi, wonders who will replace the punished leader Pondzio with Fernandes and Cidero fighting for a position, with the other BK player to be the underdog. But the one who will surely miss the match is another one we know, Nacho Scoko, due to an injury to a Riveron who will not have the bench or the architect of this team, his coach who is punished and cannot even be in Bonbonera.

Hours are reversed and on Saturday night we will be transferred to Buenos Aires, where football is the biggest celebration. Where the feeling goes beyond logic, for absolute derby, the biggest of the football world.