Compact set ...


After the interruption of the national teams we return to normal flow.

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# Solid set Lans has the best defense in the league (in 6 matches 2 passive goals) he does not want to lose contact with the first 3 team of the table ... in the offseason Soso will not stand the pressure.

# Caen's super start at 4's first match of the season has earned 5 points ... the odd atmosphere at Lyon's locker room before the break was lost within Nice (undefeated at 11 previous) will attempt to subvert the well-known performance standards.

# 4 / 4 Malaga without conceding goals in 3 last looks set to come back ... win the cup Cordoba gets the qualification but it will be late in the championship.

# Extremely aggressive pair Valencia - Betis are expected to offer the maximum on the pitch ... both with European commitments are left behind to score in the locker room.

# Without official game from 27 / 8 Athletic Bilbao appears strong in "San Mamas" does not understand names and jerseys ... Real league starts championship (3 / 3 wins off 10-wins out) that he will score.

# Performance margin Los Angeles is in good shape comes from 3 wins at 4 last finds easy nets ... hard to threaten New England to win after 9 racing, doesn't miss most entries.


Lens - Sochaux
Caen - Lyon
Malaga - Cordoba



Valencia - Real Betis
Bilbao - Real M.
Los Angeles - New England

over 2,5
goal / goal