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Good morning,

Champions League night and interest is great with good and strong options for our return to the fund.


Very crucial match in Germany for the Champions League between Hoffenheim and Lyon. The French are at the top of their group with 4 points, while the Germans are at 1. We will go with the series run by the German team, which measures the 11 goal-goal series in all its competitions.

We go to the Netherlands and Ajax face to face Benfica. And there is a lot at stake here as the two teams will claim a position behind Bayern Munich out of shock. The 'Aiantas' in his stadium has some very good elements that we expect to take advantage of against the 'eagles'. For their part, however, the Portuguese are also threatening, scoring with ease. Therefore Over 2.5 seems like a reasonable and very likely choice.

Our last choice for today from Jung Boise-Valencia. The "bats" are not very good ... moon, however, they will hardly lose in Switzerland. The home side get the power, score goals, opening up the pace of the match, which is also convenient for the Spaniards. We have chosen many goals here and Over 2.5, hoping for a good day for both teams.


Hoffenheim - Lyon
Ajax - Benfica
Young Boys - Valencia

G / G
O 2.5
O 2.5