goals play loud…


World Cup ... group phase:

# Open to any outcome Uruguay-Russia correctly split odds set Both have cleared the 16 qualification phase to look for victory for prime reasons ... as they play early and don't know how 2 will evolveth A team that crosses the line in the next round goals are loud and pay dearly.

# Without goals and scoring motive the Saudi Arabia-Egypt embrace will leave the competition and with the head high ... it will be difficult to find a winner to score both goals from a goal in the match.

# Spain want a clear victory in goal difference as cover for the possible draws ... except for the shockingly unpredictable Morocco will fulfill its obligations in the event with zero points and without scoring. Dried over 2,5

# One way victory for Iran plays its ropes will be forced to take risks ... Portugal - qualify for the draw - claims first in the group as long as it gets better than Spain.

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Uruguay - Russia
Spain - Morocco
Iran - Portugal

goal / goal
1 & over 2,5