The right executives…

The trainer told the truth about Olympiacos. The first goal is the championship. Pedro Martins' talk has an apocalyptic dimension. Good and holy Europe, a champion in the champions league according to Olympic Cubes, but first in the village. At the local championship. Let's not look back at AEK and PAOK.

Bear in mind that the goals, the hierarchy of racing rather than the goals of Olympiacos, are set by the boss, Marinakis, not the PAE coach, today he, tomorrow, someone else.

So the Portuguese coach put things in their place. The team, after two years without a title in Greece, found themselves back in the clubs of Lucas and with very high revenue of 1 European Championship, but do not forget that it is a ... Greek team. Which means, to be realistic, Europe is forbidden. Not suitable for any Greek FAE investment, even Olympiacos.

Then, the naive one will ask, and whoever does not watch the domestic championship as relevant, why does Olympiakos arm himself with players more expensive than his rivals? And why he makes contracts with so many players that it is unlikely that everyone will fit into the decadence and the bench. Indeed, FCE currently has 33 with 34 players plus 14 borrowed, which has sent them to other teams, overseas and in Greece.

Olympiacos has now begun trading in the business he deals with. It does very well. Following is the practice of great European clubs, with a historical jersey, such as Ajax, Porto, Benfica, who have finally cleared their racing and business goals. They will shop smart and cheap, resell players with profits. The distinction in the European Cups is not preceded by the inability to compete with the two teams of foam cream.

So does Olympiacos. Armed with the right executives, and as a wise investor who invests funds in various banking products, the stock market, where elsewhere, secures eg. the 20year-old African and the 19yearly Serb, with the intention of exploiting them commercially and exploiting them commercially. What Olympiacos does is health and adaptation to reality. And to this day the Marinakis FC is coming out financially, and most importantly, is showing the way to other FCs.