Sheriff's guns ...

The president of Olympiacos is in trouble. Whether it is rightly or unjustly not our concern at present, it is the job of justice. That is, I did not understand, what job it is to clear any case, criminal or not, if not justice? Please! Only the blind gullible goddess can decide whether Evangelos Marinakis is guilty of being accused by friends and enemies, journalists or politicians, laymen and clergy, or I don't know what else. But we got away. Back to our topic.

The president of Olympiacos goes out and tries to take action. Take action against both its institutional and extracurricular categories. Announcements were issued by the Greek shipowner and owner of the most popular Greek football team against reporters hanging on him. The political leaflets were uploaded to the clothespins and he is now making grosso at the Documento Bay, the adjacent publisher's government friend, with a full-page sketch of Marinakis. Whether he is guilty or not, we said, here we are talking about exposing the absolute boss in pirate football in a way that affects his interests and reputation and nerves and whatever you want.

And if for the journalist, the businessman is initially armed with announcements and lawsuits and all the legal weapons that justice offers him, what about the government? Because it has been understood by the passing Japanese tourist that Vangelis Marinakis has started obediently against the government, SYRIZA-ANEL as yesterday, SYRIZA plain today, and personally against Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Noor 1, "books", "encyclopedias", cassettes and "rebels", explosions and attacks on life and a whole host of other charges have indirectly or directly accused Vangelis Marinakis and have so far been convicted of none. those. Morality is a winner, but the match is in progress and he seems anxious as long as one would not expect. after a series of wins you don't play defensively, you don't worry about 1-2 publications, 1-2 categories in the air and no prosecutorial intervention. And that's weird, worrying if I say so? However, not usual.

The shipowner has responded to the reports, false or true no matter, by law. Opposite the journalist. But against power? What weapons a businessman can have, intertwined or as pure as water, doesn't matter. If it is rightly or unjustly targeted by the political leadership and authority in question, what scope is there to respond? Is the law controlling to some degree the opposite itself? So what are his weapons?

Vangelis Marinakis owns the most popular football club in Greece. And the message has long been that "Every attack on the president's face is only aimed at eating Olympiacos"


ps. If control and sanctions procedures in Nottingham are launched in England for whatever reason, a possible post or fanboy's "Attack the boss to hit the team" will be the reason for laughing at the arrows of Sgood Forest robbers. Nottingham Sheriff's Eternal Enemies if u know what i mean ...