Iceland plays it all for everything ... (FUND - 1,90)

Asian bet

Good evening my friends, returning from a fund after Radamel Falcao punished the Polish defense as we predicted…

For today:

Because as a person I am cunning and I like conspiracies in football, I will go based on the "want" of those interested.

#1 ICELAND! The "Vikings" will find against them the indifferent Croatia, which has "finished" the first from the very second game. The Croatian's plans do not include Montrich, Rakitic and Brozovic, as Dalic will give the first two "breaths" while the third has completed cards. The Icelanders know that they are holding their fortunes in their hands, if they score even one more goal than the Argentines who will theoretically beat the Nigerians. It is only acceptable and because I believe that the Croats will not set foot in the "fire", 1 & over 1,5.

#2 AUSTRALIA! Another couple who are interested and indifferent. The Peruvians may have played better than Denmark and fought it with France, but in the final "fund" they were eliminated with 0 points. The Australians, with their leader ahead of them and the two goals they have scored in the tournament, want to beat Denmark by France and have a difference of at least 2 goal. Peru has professional players who are already thinking about their collective obligations so I don't think they will give it their all. Australians can and will bet on the defeat of Denmark. They will look to score a lot of goals so… Over 1,5 Australia.

#3 In the same group, Denmark and France. The French who play only for the first time will have the game with Argentina or Nigeria or Iceland in the back of their minds so they will be conservative for at least the first half. Denmark, which also plays the qualifying match, will continue to have its headset in Peru's match against Australia. In such a match most of the time the first 45 minute is conservative so I think both teams will go to the locker room so ... Half time.



1 & Over 1,5



Over 1,5 Australia



First Half X