Couples in CL & EuL…

The lottery drew big pairs in its quarterfinals Champions League. Real-Liverpool and Bayern-Paris stand out. Who mates in the semifinals!

Chelsea can smile from the moment that Porto was probably the opponent that everyone would like and they considered her at the moment as the least strong compared to the rest.

Guardiola's City will face Haland's Dortmund in the "citizens'" effort that has been going on for several years for the first Champions League in the history of the club, since the Catalan coach seems to have taken an oath to the Arab owners as well. of the club.

Jürgen Klopp certainly would not want an opponent the size of Real Madrid in this very strange and difficult period that Liverpool is going through, having made it clear to the German that the "reds" in no case can be considered title contenders at the moment.

The owner, Bayern Munich, who simply breaks everything in its path and throws down every wall that will rise in its path, will fight with Paris Saint-Germain of Bape and Neymar who reached the final of last season…

In the semi-finals, the winner of Bayern-Paris will play as the host with the winner of City - Dortmund, and respectively the one who will go through Real - Liverpool will welcome the winner of Porto - Chelsea in the first match of the "4".

The pairs of the quarterfinals in detail (6/7 April the first matches, 13/14 the rematch):

  • Manchester City - Borussia Dortmund
  • Porto - Chelsea
  • Bayern Munich - Paris Saint Germain
  • Real Madrid - Liverpool

The semifinals:

  • 1st: City-Dortmund winner with Bayern-Paris winner
  • 2nd: Winner of Porto-Chelsea with Winner of Real-Liverpool

The semifinals: 

  • 1st: City-Dortmund winner with Bayern-Paris winner
  • 2nd: Winner of Porto-Chelsea with Winner of Real-Liverpool


To his surprise Europa League, Slavia Prague Arsenal was drawn. Ajax-Roma the strongest pair in the "8" of the tournament. The road to the final.

Taking revenge on Olympiakos for last year's exclusion, Arsenal fell on Slavia Prague in the quarterfinals of this year's Europa League. The "gunners" have to show more attention than Leicester and Rangers did in the "32" and the "16" respectively, since the Czechs managed to throw them out of continuity and are currently in the "8" of the institution !

Manchester United, for their part, can look to the semi-finals of the tournament after pairing with rookie Granada, with the Spaniards flying out of Molde to get to this point and the "red devils" having qualified to the detriment of Milan and Zlatan!

The very strong pair of "8" of this year's Europa League is the one between Ajax and Roma, which of course have aspirations for great distinction, while, after the feat against Tottenham and the 3-0 in overtime, Dinamo Zagreb will oppose with Villarreal in a new, very big challenge for the Croats.

The Pairs of the Quarterfinals:

Granada - Manchester United

Arsenal - Slavia Prague

Ajax - Roma

Dinamo Zagreb - Villarreal

The semifinals that will follow: 

The winner of Granada - United will play as a host in the first match of the semifinals with the winner of the pair Ajax - Roma

The winner of the pair Dinamo Zagreb - Villarreal will host the winner of Arsenal - Slavia Prague.