Thai Mulberry ...

The Filipino maid in the so-called good society of our country became a regime. Justified. No relationship with girls from Albania, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia etc. after 1990. Filipina was perfectly adapted to the Greek family, a professional, consistent but demanding boss in the good years before the memorandum, because she was united, grouped, and with a recognized job offer.

Thai lollipop presented Alafuzos Peiroz with ... vague business. And after many, obviously witnessing that something… strange is hiding, an agreement was announced. That 63 year Thai took 50% of Alafuzu shares.

There is no Peiroz in the bankrupt PA Panathinaikos. There was never a Panathinaikos who illegally participated in the championship thanks to ... Peiroz, as I will explain below.

In America, there are some guys who buy problematic, financially crippled businesses. Aiming to steal them and save them by reselling them. In the bay and banks that lend at a reduced rate the "rescue" companies of the bankrupt companies.

Peiroz is reportedly ahead of the takeover of the Belgian team of Muskron, but no one has seen him. He also disappeared from Greece after breaking the rumor of his involvement in Panathinaikos, but benefited Alafuzos. The state, tax office and ministry of sports, plus the football, EPO and super league bodies, have acted in a panic-stricken fashion with Panathinaikos ahead of the… Peiroz investment.

If the laws and regulations were applied, Panathinaikos would be relegated to the Second National. This, however, would be a deterrent for the foreign investor and we would lose the millions he would bring to Greece. And it would save a historic club, that is, a public limited company that is said to be "in" close to 90 million.