Class of '92 ...

51% of Real Valladolid's shares have now officially passed into Ronaldo's hands, according to the Spanish club. The phenomenon is Valladolid's new big boss, with reports from the Iberian country stressing that the deal has reached 30 million. Indeed, the mayor of the city, Oscar Puente, typically said: "This is a football man who is very popular and the new project of the club seems particularly interesting." Former Valladolid president José Morrow was Ronaldo's partner in a wine business. Ronaldo has once again attempted to lead a football club, but his involvement with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers on American soil ended with the dismantling of the 2016 ...

David Beckham

After a brilliant football career and dozens of other business activities, David Beckham became the owner of a new Miami-based soccer team last January. The Englishman is leading a group of entrepreneurs, with the MLS approving the club's participation in the league as the number of teams increases. All that is pending is the year that the team enters the league (2020 or later), as funding for the construction of the stadium must first be completed. The official name of the club, which is Inter Miami CF, has also become known today.

Paulo Maldini

In Miami there is not only David Beckham, who owns the football club, as the city has another team, also with a former footballer on its head. In May 2015 set up the Miami FC club, with Paulo Maldini co-owned with Ricardo Silva, who owns the media. Indeed, the Italian trusted Alessandro Nesta as his first team-mate in the history of the club. Miami FC used to play in the second division of the United States (NASL), but after the cancellation of the championship, some of the players are currently in the second division of the fourth division club (NPSL).

Didier Drogba

Even in his 40 he still plays soccer on the other side of the Atlantic. Only Drogba holds a distinct lead after becoming the first player in the history of world football. 2017 went to Phoenix, signing with Phoenix Rising, agreeing with the executives himself to take a stake in the club. The team is competing in the United Soccer League, with Drogba aiming to enter the MLS.

Deba Ba

The Senegalese striker continues his football career in China, but has been pursuing a football career for a year now. 2017 was founded in the United States in June by San Diego 1904 FC and Deba Ba is its major shareholder, with a share of 35%. He is not alone in this endeavor, as he has other well-known players, such as Eden Azar, Johann Kambay and Musa Shaw, co-owners of the club. San Diego 1904 FC would make its debut in the second division (NASL) this year, but this championship was canceled so the team will compete in United Soccer League 2019.

“Class of '92'

From this particular bunch of Manchester United academies, which brought the team to the top of Europe, there is not only David Beckham, who owns a club. From 2014, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Gary and Phil Neville own 50% (of 10% each) of Salford City shares, while the other 50% is owned by Thai millionaire. The team then competed in the eighth division of England and within four years has shown three ascents. Indeed, with the infamous '92 class' at the helm, all footballers have signed from last year's professional contracts.