Technical director …

Dabiza's job at Panathinaikos, to put it simply, was to bring money to the shop. To find players in Alafuzu's pocket measures and in the team's cubic feet, which would help her stand out, even if they need to be resold to bring francs to the cashier. With Dabiza things did not go as Alafuzos expected. Maybe and as the technical director had promised him.

Other footballers saw the big shareholder in the stadium, a small affair waiting for him and the technical manager assured him. Especially in the game against OFI at OAKA, the players of Dabiza almost helped the opponent. The same goes for the four with Mars. What would happen? What's more, players wearing the green jersey are low-key ethereal. And the Chancellor puts the sole responsibility on Dabiza.

In the square, Alafouzos is considered the tolerant. The not demanding. Next, for a person who has never dealt seriously with the subject, with football and Panathinaikos. Professionals, and τικοί administrators, who do not deserve it, ate bread at Panathinaikos because of Alafouzos.

The question is whether Dabiza's close associate Constantos will remain in Panathinaikos. The coaching team of coach George Doni is considered complete.

Nikos Dabizas was born on 1973 in Amyntaio, Florina and started by local Hermes before wearing the Pontian of Veria jersey, from which he transferred to Olympiacos, 1994. After four years he played six seasons in Newcastle and one in Leicester. With 70 entries in the national hang of his shoes after six years of racing in Larissa. Prior to returning to Panathinaikos, he served for a year as technical director in Omonia Nicosia.