during the Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and Leicester City at The Hawthorns on April 29, 2017 in West Bromwich, England.

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Hello my friends,

We enter the final straight in England and Scotland, after crossing the 32η Premier League and 31η of the Premiership.

Fulham welcomes Manchester City. When the top scoring team faces the penultimate it is clear who is the favorite and Manchester City of course has the first reason, since it is clearly a better quality than the home side, which as we have stressed from the start of the season will be very difficult save the accusation, which is proven in practice.

Leicester welcomes Bournemouth. The two teams may be close to scoring and just three points apart, but Leicester, who is even closer, will be chasing the exit to Europe, as he remains close enough and has the advantage of being home. quite likely to get another important victory.

Manchester United welcome Watford. I think it will be a close game, as Watford have been a bit of a tough nut this season, but the Manchester United side and their combination at home will hardly miss another win.

Kilmarnock welcomes Hamilton. Kilmarnock is a much better and better team, while Hamilton is also (almost) indifferent, as he is almost certain to finish in tenth place, while Kilmarnock will be chasing ... with teeth in third place.

Saint Mirren welcomes Dundee. It's the two teams in the bottom of the standings and so what I think is going to be a very bad game, with both teams doing ... chores and so there will be few goals, if any.

Hearts welcomes Aberdeen. The two teams may be close to the scoreboard and Hearts below, but it is the team that ... is burning for the win, since if it does, it will get the ... Play-Off Ticket, while Aberdeen is already on the sidelines. After all, Hearts is competing at home as well, which is an advantage.

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Fulham - Manchester City
Leicester - Bournemouth
Manchester United - Watford



Hearts - Aberdeen
St. Mirren - Dundee
Kilmarnock - Hamilton

Under 2.5