Ends clean sheet for Liverpool…


Hello my friends,

The "battles" in England and Scotland continue, where interesting games are being played for another weekend, with Leicester-Liverpool differentiating us from today's games.

Doubtful game at Leicester-Liverpool, where I think there will be goals from both teams, so I believe Over 2,5 is very likely to happen. As for the winner? Unknown.

Very close game to the West Ham-Wolves. The Wolves have a draw from Manchester City against Psychology, but West Ham is also fighting in front of its audience, which means it will fight, with a draw at least at half time, to get the result it deserves. possibilities.

Manchester City are set to break out against Newcastle, inside the Etihad, following a "gela" with the Wolves and if European commitments have not yet begun, I believe it will "clear" the game from halftime.

In Scotland, Aberdeen has a tradition towards Kilmarnock. The home side have won four of their last six matches, with two games ending without a winner, with Kilmarnock's last win being 2012.

Livngston is a newcomer to the category and it is obvious that she is still looking for her touches this season. Hibbernian, on the other hand, has started very strongly this year and is one of the few teams that have been undefeated so far after completing their first three races and I believe it will be easy or difficult to get away with Livingston.

Hearts have started futuristic this season and have managed three out of three so far in the Premiership Championship. Her opponent this time is Saint Miren. One group, where it is a neo-enlightenment, confronts it at home with the world of Hearts being more than excited as they believe their team may be able to do the ... miracle.

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Leicester - Liverpool
West Ham - Wolves
Man. City - Newcastle

O 2.5
X 1st half


Aberdeen - Kilmarnock
Livingston - Hibbernian
Hearts - Saint Mirren