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The sources of data, information and news on which this website is based on are considered to be trustworthy and unbiased.

The scope of the written, photographic and advertising material of www.tipsmaker.net is only informational because it can be recreated and reused at any instant.

No part of the written, photographic and advertising material and data can be considered as a suggestion, encouragement or advice to participate in any form of betting and gambling in any particular company over the internet.

The editors, writers, journalists and everybody who takes part in the creation of this website have no responsibility for compensation for a short or long term damage that can be caused by the use of any material that is generated here. On the contrary, they have the right to exercise legal action against anyone who uses part of this website for libelous imputation, vilification and disinformation purposes.

The use of the material on www.tipsmaker.net should be strictly for personal purposes. Anybody who is found to misuse this material is liable for legal action in the Greek courts of justice.

The team of www.tipsmaker.net has the right to change the ‘terms of use’ at any instant without any notice; the only obligation is to keep in line with the form of legal action information.

The use of www.tipsmaker.net is strictly forbidden to people who are under 18 years old. In the possibility that this website is used by people who are under 18 years old responsibility lays with the guardians and parents of these users, who have the responsibility to protect their children from the use of information on this website and many other websites over the internet.

By entering this website, users are accepting responsibility for all of the above.

Note: the names of the clubs that are found on this website is a provision of H.Q.F.L.