four tickets…

This story with the Euro and the 4 tickets left over it has become not just tedious, not just a riddle, but a crossword puzzle for strong solvers. And the final straight to give these tickets started yesterday. Which, it is recalled, arise for teams that have not secured their participation from the top positions of the Nations League nor from the main qualifying phase of the central final tournament. And all this four-ticket racing, with semi-finals, playoffs and finals (next month), at a time when the new Nations League has already begun.

The day before yesterday, that is, he played e.g. Norway in the super match with Serbia for a place in the final of claiming a ticket to the Euro, other teams were preparing for the next games, those of the 3rd match of the Nations League. Leave empty or not. Ready for play or saturated and tired. Adverse conditions for 16 teams. And in a tournament with 5-6 or 7-8 matches in total, being elsewhere in the 2-3 can ruin your whole tournament!

Finally in the games Norway and Bulgaria, Bosnia and Israel were excluded on Thursday. Slovakia and Kosovo and Belarus and Romania. To go to the finals for four places in Euro 2020 that became Euro 2021. The last ones for the long-awaited tournament that was postponed for a year, I covid-19.

You month, In the first ten days of November, Georgia will face Northern Macedonia. Serbia and Scotland. Northern Ireland Slovakia and Hungary Iceland. And it is now obvious that teams with clearly limited possibilities will enter the tournament. At least two of them. Because apart from the Georgia-Northern Macedonia pair, a weak team also sends Hungary-Iceland to the final phase. You forget what Hungary was like 30, 40 and 50 years ago. They are no longer small and medium, but a small group that will rarely claim distinction. And Iceland, one of the same. Do not look at the outbreak in the previous big tournament and its terrible course. These are things that do not happen again. And already her results in the matches that followed the great success of the two years 2016-17 are quite disappointing. "They corrected", as we say in the stock market.

The Euro that we will see next summer will probably be, knowing that I may be exposed to what I write to you, that it will be the worst of all time. And it's not just fatigue. There used to be fatigue. It's not just about changing the way it is done. And sometimes there was a change in the way it was conducted. It is not the increase of teams .. And once there was an increase of teams. It is not one of them. These are ALL TOGETHER. They have made teams unable to get their feet in matches three days apart from each other. It is the burning of the players to get out of the season after months of interruption and without regular preparation. With two preparations in one season.

Tragic year guys, make the decision… And the Euro is also expected to be tragic. And put in some Georgia, some Northern Macedonia to make it even more tragic. As a work of Aeschylus…