Score to open at Allianz Arena

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Good morning,

Bayern Munich have a clear lead against AEK in crisis in a match that is expected to have many goals.

But let's go into our presentations in detail today.

There is no doubt that Bayern Munich have a vastly better team than AEK, which was also evident in the match at OAKA. We are expecting a similar match at the "Allianz Arena", with the outcome of the match expected to be even greater than the 2-0 at OAKA the previous Champions League match.

We move on to the Juventus clash against Manchester United, which is also expected with great interest. In the England match between the two teams, the "Great Lady" took the win with 1-0. The lead for the win obviously has it at home, but the ace is given low. However, there is one point we like and we think it has very good chances. We're talking about both teams scoring. The Red Devils want victory at all costs and will be looking for a goal when the home side finds it difficult to find the way to the net.

Our last pick from the Valencia match against Jung Boys. The two teams have shown in Switzerland that they are at the same level, however, in Spain the "bats" are expecting to look better and get the victory they need to continue in Europe and beyond in December.


Bayern Munich - AEK
Juventus - Manchester United
Valencia - Young Boys

O 3.5
G / G