He'll lose the ball ...

Yes, the great truth. It's easier to earn money than to manage it. Trade them. Hold on. Egg whites. To make more money with his cassava.

Properties have been lost by successful footballers or actors because they did not win their packages as entrepreneurs. With anxiety and risk, with mind and courage, but why, to put it bluntly, their "money" came. They did not conquer them with pain of soul, with their class in dirt and entanglement.

Let me tell you otherwise. Ronaldo, like any other star in his field, who is not a classic businessman, we are generally talking about a cobbler's man, he has no intention of making money. As I say. The director does not become a singer to save money, but because she has talent. In his case, the money will come "on their own".

The richest player in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo. Problem! That's the problem, not us. Understandable that the player is likely to be caught sucking, not us. We are not in danger, we are flabbergasted, the problem threatens Ronaldo, who is coarse-grained and not a business man. Ronaldo and any footballer or singer who does not know how to command the money he earns.

And here is the problem, we said. The packages will be invested. I did not understand. Because the rocker likes it and makes a hit in the song, or does Barcelona and Bayern want him to play, does he also have the talent to use the mana μ of his contract? Firm is at work. Another job, of the "partners", of the selected cats in their field is to exploit the "easy" money that the vendetta makes.

So the success of every Ronaldo and Messi, of every Madonna and Rihanna, is not about the money, but about those to whom his wallet is assigned.

Ronaldo's thinking is on the pitch. Only. Otherwise he will be the first softball player to commit suicide if he decides to manage his own profits. Yes, this is normal suicide. The child will lose the ball. The Portuguese's intention is to keep on top as a football player, not to be a good banker and an excellent investor in the two million euros each month he gives his starter.

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