The match of the night… (CASH - 4,17)


Happy Birthday to the celebrants…

Absolutely we hit yesterday's models with 6/6 points and total performance (30,66)…. good food to those who followed let the rest beware. By the way there are thoughts that the site will be subscribed with the new year so at the appropriate time it will be informed.

Let's go to today's sum:

# One click higher on all lines, CSKA made a strong start (5-1-0) chasing the distinction inside and outside the borders; it is difficult for the model named Tula to overtake.

# Opportunity for Milan to get a head in the table made the "4 in 4" will try to restore its name in European football; equally competitive set Roma comes from strong appearances reached 10 matches undefeated scores in the first year and consistently.

# Burnley lacks in dynamics and experience, it is difficult to keep in the category; a comparative lead in Tottenham due to the roster will "clear" it with a goal difference.


CSKA M. - Arsenal Tula
Milan - Rome
Burnley - Tottenham

goal / goal