He will be duly honored…


In purely betting:

# 6-1-0 Leipzig numbers inside -continues in all competitions- with its defense having been violated only 3 times in the above matches γεται Dortmund burns for the result (follows at -6b.) As in case of failure it stays out title.

# Zwolle's 3rd overall victory in the league (against Den Haag) reflects the stigma of the match; by analogy, the lead in Alkmaar has more motivation and ease in scoring.

# The recent defeat by Juventus broke unbeaten in 27 games but did not throw Milan on the canvas, only first in the table easily or will hardly make up for the loss… 2 wins in 21 matches (2-9-10) Torino's Serie A record has scored in the last 17/19.

# Triple variation the match Rennes - Lyon (under the 6/7 most recently between them regardless of home) in short forms the landscape at the top;

# Dijon is a beta sorting team with 2 wins in 18 home matches, it has scored only 3 times… playing opportunity, the "double" of Marseille opened at 1,85 plus and will be duly honored.

# Properly matched the set of odds the teams move upside down… 7 matches undefeated America Mineiro does not lose the rise, marginally in the Vitoria zone experiences the stress of survival.

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Milan - Turin
Dijon - Marseille
America MG - Vitoria



Leipzig - Dortmund
Zwolle - AZ Alkmaar
Rennes - Lyon

during 2,5
goal / goal
TG 2-3