He will be duly honored…


Here are the main Sunday choices:

# Without a real motive Georgia will go for a good showing… a much more experienced whole Denmark has a match less 3b away. from the top, though 4 recently counted 2 wins and 2 draws with 13 active goals.

# Loaded underdog Finland made the absolute 4 / 4 play with uplifted psychology and increased chances of qualifying for the Euro 2020 finals ... Italy's heavy jersey runs 6 series of official and friendly wins to prove it. Under control.

# Scandinavian affair Sweden - Norway due to location and tradition leans marginally towards the headquarters; the teams get good first goal chances in the amphitheater.

# At market prices Rio Avos is moving up to 1,77 levels and will be duly honored, quality mid-range comes from a big "double" against Sporting L. ... many absent from Guimaras have 15 players off the pitch.

# Headquarters motivation and tradition advocate over Santos, sub-normal conditions win by goal difference ... Atletico P. changes starting form next Wednesday plays Brazil's first cup final.

# In penthouse table Allianza Petrolera chases 8ada on the table runs 3 series of wins inside the own scoring (1-0) ... 4 draws on 5 latest Jaguars has the backing to snap a result.

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Rio Ave - Guimaraes
Georgia - Denmark
Santos - Atletico PR

over 2,5

5.125.12Vistabet-5.12 qualifying.

Finland - Italy
Sweden - Norway
Alianza Petrolera - Jaguares

during 2,5
goal / goal
TG 2-3

1007.08Stoiximan-100 qualifying.