The top hand in Corsica …


Let’s go to the basic bet of Friday:

# The top-of-the-line Corsica Ajaccio closed with a positive sign for the season (2 consecutive wins) is unbeatable in the 4/5 last in the L2 … the Beziers pre-season beat 4 consecutive defeats with 1 goal in the league.

# A click on quality Lorient plays with his home-grown chubby chase rises to prove it and in practice … difficult to threaten away Chateaurux (-5p from the belt) scored with the eyedropper.

# Fake the matches in Azores the two teams’ has an excellent relationship, closer to the Benfica victory, is 7 points from the top, with a difference of goals … Santa scores systematically at home.

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AC Ajaccio – AS Beziers
Lorient – Chateauroux
Santa Clara – Benfica

goal / goal