Subject ... Goal!

The latest information wants Priyovic to travel to Jeddah, via Belgrade, to have final contacts before the signatures are expected to take place on Monday (7 / 1). According to PAOK Serbian striker and Gary Rodriguez, the two will be the last additions to the January transfer window, with Slaven Bilic's team reinforced with Da Costa, Marcelo and Sanogo. The PAOK Serb striker, according to the Arabs, is expected to undergo medical examinations and complete his transfer to Al Ittihad. The press in Saudi Arabia today presents "completed" the transfer of Alexander Prijovic to Al Itihad.

"According to sources close to the club's administration, details of the deal have also been finalized with the PAOK team for joining the 28 year-old striker, with an amount of 10 million and expected to undergo medical examinations before the official announcements." , says "".

But it's not just Priyovic. At a time when PAOK is claiming the biggest claims the league has had in recent years, there should be no question, no pending that could affect its changing rooms to a minimum. But in practice this seems utopian. PAOK doesn't just have to see what it will do to Priyovic or his replacement if the data doesn't change. PAOK is looking for the player who will fill Wernbloom's gap and has to deal with the issue of expiring contracts.

In this regard, Lucecu's team should have already closed deals with the players he wants to keep in Tuba for years to come, since most of them are essential and irreplaceable. With Barrela there is still a difference in the length of time the player wants the contract and the money he is seeking to renew. With Bissevar this difference is greater. Even with Crespo being the closest to everyone in the deal, there is information saying there is a slight difference in finances. Kanye is waiting for Sackhoff as Wernblum's replacement. In practice no renewal has even been closed and all these players have already gained the right to discuss with other teams.

PAOK's open issues are many and what has happened so rapidly with Prijovic is simply the tip of the iceberg. The crucial point is that the people of Dikephou will not be able to allow them to influence the effort being made to win the championship. Because if this were done PAOK would have put a huge selfie ...

In the end, if he accepts the proposal of the Saudi team, the top scorer of the championship and makes one more, the eleventh (!) Transcript of his career, does that mean ... doesn't he love PAOK? And just asking such a question is offensive. For everyone offensive. The fans and the big shareholder of PAOK PAE. For the Serbian hunter himself and all those who deal with football one way or another.

And as they write poorly, there is no… war, between PAOK and the Saudis, because they cover the 10 million euro clause, so the Greek PAE has no more reason to move Prigovic. Its transcription is his own decision or not. I sell and I buy. This is football that is badly called professional, the right thing to do is to call it business. And the fan is up to his team jersey, he has no right to have a say in who wears it. And not to require the fan to get the PAE only players who are ... fans.

Neither did Priyovic come out as a player, nor would he go away if he finally left. If, now, he also says "I loved PAOK ...", "I'll never forget you ...". then it will probably be a fairytale for those fans who want to be fairytale.