Victim of the crow ...

The referee's decision not to whistle this weekend is justified, but again it will not be the case with a stoppage time. Our championship is what it is and it doesn't change anything. Either the referees do not go out on the court, or because the players are on strike, as has happened in the past.

And recently, in the years of the Tsipras government, the Deputy Secretary of State, again after a series of violence, had decided 3-4 to postpone the championship indefinitely. Impressive reactions. Only.

The referees beat their colleague Thanassis Tzilos and for the first time, despite pressure from the EPO, the super league organizer and the PAE, the referees did not put a whistle in their mouths. This is the first time in this history. The referees had "struck" many years ago, when that was their federation's decision.

There is no such stamp today. Arbitration is the sole responsibility of the federation. The EPO selects the referees in the tables. The EPO appoints referees to the matches. EPO punishes them for whistles. So any PAE that has the upper hand in the EPO, that makes the command. Multipurpose resolution actually works, as it does ... for 30-40 years.

The referees are the victims. This is the reality. Let them be called grasshoppers, bastards and of the "status" today from here, tomorrow from there. And that's why the victims. Sometimes they whistle and with no personal "extra" financial interest. To be kept on the table.

Even if one argues that the melon is not cut in half, the truth is that the carcinogenic environment in which the referees move is to blame. They want dependents, not to play equal. And each FAO is more afraid of a "suspected" referee a rival PAE, capable of "affecting" the crow.